Working with us assures unbiased guidance. We are a signatory and strictly abide by rules established by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) forbidding the acceptance of fees from agencies in order to (1) submit credentials to a search consultant database, and (2) to participate in a marketer’s review process.

Additionally, we do not approve of consultant fee arrangements tied to agency compensation negotiations (i.e., a percentage of agency fees saved). This practice is a clear conflict of interest and assumes that the ultimate goal of any contract negotiation process is to get the agency to the lowest possible fee, regardless of compromises to talent, value or other considerations.


Trust is the foundation of our client relationships. We understand the information clients and agencies share with us is proprietary and competitive in nature, and thus assure you that every stage of the process will remain strictly confidential. Our team will not speak to members of the press at any stage of a review, even after completion, without client consent.


At the outset of any project, we will outline critical success factors — precisely what is expected from both parties. We’ll also ensure that any information requested and/or shared throughout the course of the engagement will always be appropriate and pertinent to the successful completion of the assignment.


We are unique in having held senior positions in both world-class agencies and in client-side corporate marketing organizations prior to becoming consultants. Our professional experience ensures knowledge of and respect for all sides of the business.

As advisors, we get deeply involved with our clients, and are always considerate of the time and work that agencies put into our assignments. We are sticklers for running a respectful process, which ensures fair value to clients and fair profit to the agencies.